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The Coast to Coast Route Companion Pack

The Coast to Coast 6th edition revised 2020.

The Coast-to-Coast is the classic, long distance off-road ride in Britain and rated by many as the best.

Inspired by the idea of Alfred Wainwright’s “A Coast to Coast Walk” the route passes through our three finest National Parks, crosses England’s great watershed and challenges our ingrained preconceptions of the inevitable “North/South Divide”. Grasmere descent

From the wild and rocky fellsides of the Lakeland Mountains, born of volcanic action millions of years ago, over the bleak, peat moors of the Pennine Ridge, on through the delight of a limestone Dalescape, across the pancake pasture-land of Mowbray and finally to cross the wide open, heather-clad landscape of the Yorkshire Moors you’ll be filled with of a sense of freedom. Accommodation choice is excellent.

Includes 23 pages of mapping, updated info plus an easy option via Keswick to avoid Cumbria’s more severe passes and technical trails.

This is a limited colour edition.

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Price: $14.08 (£10.99 approx.)
The route...
The Coast to Coast route

  • Start: St Bees, Cumbria
  • Finish: Robin Hoods Bay
  • Distance: 220 miles
  • Duration: 4-6 days
  • Split to day rides: in sections & add to loops
  • Rail access: St Bees, Scarborough, Whitby and throughout
  • Content details...