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The Scotland Trail Route Companion Pack
The Scotland TrailThis Scotland Coast-to-Coast is the ride of a lifetime. An epic off-road experience, the stuff of fantasy - taking on the rugged wrath of Britainís most remote mountain ranges.

Itís all here, between these covers, and youíll not regret the day you set out to realise one of this sportís most exhilarating dreams. Imposing as the Highlands are the riding is not as radical as many a newcomer to the Grampians might expect.

OK, it's a big country and there are some big climbs out there - for example Britain's highest pass, the renowned Corrieyairack, is but one. But then majestic vistas and long, long descents Monessie Bridgemore than compensate - check out the photo of Mnt Keen above. And it's not all track riding either. There are some sections that'll tease out the trial skills of the most ardent off-road fanatic.

Plus there are plenty of Ďeasyí, optional detours and a moderately fit cyclist can tackle this route with confidence, enjoy the stunning scenery and keen mountain air. There's even a 'lite', 4-day version starting from Fort William.

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The route...
The Scotland Trail route

  • Start: Skye or Ft William
  • Finish: Montrose
  • Distance: 270 miles
  • Duration: 4-6 days
  • Split to day rides: in sections & loops
  • Rail access: Skye, Ft William, Aviemore, Montrose
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