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The Westcountry Way Route Companion Pack
The Westcountry Way The Westcountry Way strikes boldly across the south-western peninsula, channel to channel, across two, strikingly different National Parks.

Dartmoor; a harsh, untamed upland of bleak heath peppered with enigmatic granite monoliths; the distinctive tors (Torr is ancient English for high rock). Exmoor; an enchanting mix of deep, oak-clad combes and wind-swept heath bounded by the formidable cliffs of Englandís most imposing coast. Cliff-tops off which the Westcountry Way tumbles (see photo above) in a wild series of switch-backs to meet the sea in Minehead. A fitting end for a fantastic ride. Hexworthy, Dartmoor

Itís a ride defined by the difference between the Two Moors. Dartmoorís a wilderness with a fearsome reputation for claiming lost souls but the mountain bike experience is one of modulated climbs, open heath, peat paths and big skies. Exmoorís landscape is more intimate, tame even, but the bikingís riotous by comparison. Itís big climb country for the Ďtrig-toppersí amongst us yet Exmoor excels in twisting, singletrack descents and so do the Quantocks, featured on the optional Taunton leg. An addition we thoroughly recommend.

This fully updated, 2nd edition comes complete with 15 additional pages of mapping.
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The route...
The Westcountry Way route

  • Start: Plymouth
  • Finish: Minehead or Taunton
  • Distance: 130 miles
  • Duration: 4-6 days
  • Split to day rides: add sections to loops easy
  • Rail access: start, middle and both finishes